We have hundreds of suppliers in our e-commerce network on a global scale, and we deliver our products to the whole world through our stores in Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

BuvanCorp provides an e-commerce experience that reaches all over the world with its supplier network and hundreds of stores on portals such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay. Our company, which pushes the boundaries of e-commerce with its logistics network including Balkans, Central and Western Europe, Middle East, North and South America, focuses on responding to all needs of its customers with its global vision.


Global Scale Access Volume

BuvanCorp prioritizes the needs of customers from different segments with marketing activities in different positions and markets. With its network of agents and advanced logistics strategies, BuvanCorp continues to develop e-commerce operations by utilizing technological facilities.


Integrated Process Management

During all e-commerce operations, holistic approaches are applied in all steps from stock and warehouse control to procurement, from sales to logistics. In this way, cost and time factors are saved in the scope of the process and thus the scope of service is enriched.


Versatility in E-Commerce

BuvanCorp's corporate structure, which emphasizes versatility, facilitates the adoption of a multi-faceted approach in e-commerce processes. In this respect, it is aimed to increase diversity by benefiting from different industries, different suppliers and business partners. In the same way, instead of focusing on a single method in terms of logistics, the so-called intermodal approach, which is defined as a combination of multiple transport systems, is utilized.


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