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our Differences

In a highly competitive environment, we differentiate ourselves from other companies with our principle of sustainable service and comprehensive customer approach. We are always ahead of our competitors in terms of time and cost thanks to the advanced logistics network we have acquired through the corporate partnerships we have established on a global scale.

Kağıttan gemi
Kağıttan gemi
Kağıttan gemi




The Mortgage Brokers Association, which we established in 2007 with a team consisting of professionals and industry leaders, is dedicated to the development of the "Mortgage" issue in the real estate sector, the acquisition of legal legislation and better knowledge. Banks, Universities, Stk's have continued their studies scientifically and contributed to the development of the sector and our country.


E Commerce


2008 year in real estate stocks in Turkey to dissolve the investments of our sector more dynamic and to ensure processing in the digital domain. has achieved a successful exit in the sector and has achieved many firsts with its business model.



metroport busidence buvan corp.jpg

In 2008 we gave a new definition to the real estate sector. We developed "BUSIDENCE" concept from Business and Residence concepts. We have brought a brand new standard to the names and service quality of exclusive and original projects.



sembol istanbul buvan corp.jpg

In 2011 we received the ile Best Mixed Project in Europe ğ award with the Sembol Istanbul project, which we have developed and marketed.

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