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"Our goals and values are the basis of everything we do."

The Buvan Corp.

foundations in 2001 thrown by Buvan Investment Partners Established in 2016 Buvan Corp., which exports to 28 countries, Turkey, which develops real estate projects in Africa and America, Ein trade will increase global trade integrated software projects has earned its status as a global company that develops. In the Global Market, Buvan Corp. focuses on expanding its supply network day by day and accessing new markets with its technology focus principle and versatile logistics understanding. Buvan Corp., which integrates higher service standards with e-commerce process performance with its sustainable customer relationship approach, stands out with its different information and technological solutions gained throughout the sectors.

Thanks to the value it attaches to its employees and its corporate culture, Buvan focuses on a holistic organization's functionality in its entire structure from its board of directors to the intern. In this respect, our company has the power of human resources to use its own initiative and creativity in the face of the problems they face in acting in harmony with all of their business processes. Flexibility in business processes, digital technologies and innovative possibilities With its strengthening organizational structure, it carries out all processes from product development to logistics, communication to sales through an institutional and strong structure. The integrated methods used by Buvan Corp. enable more efficient and more flexible responses to customer needs.


Designing the future by combining information with technology, developing new products that will make the lives of all people easier, developing and transmitting information are our basic missions.

Contribute to the future of the world

Our values


Our global corporate mission and a multi-organization organization that reaches 28 countries, we also strive to develop intellectual perspectives beyond profit focus. We emphasize the values we adopt in environmental awareness, human resources value, sustainability, customer focus and so on, and therefore we focus on creating a multi-faceted corporate structure.


  • Customer Focus

We care about customer experience in all service processes and build our relationships with our customers on the basis of mutual self-sacrifice.


  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

We adhere to the principles of sustainability in all bureaucratic processes and business processes with the environmental consciousness we have.


  • Human Resource Value

We are committed to providing the best conditions for our employees, one of the most important values of our company, and adopt modern human resources methods.

  • Employment Responsibility

We follow transparent policies against our employees and business partners, and take steps to benefit from new business opportunities in the current economic system.


  • Competition Understanding

Rekabet anlayışımızın temelinde gelişim ve sürdürebilirlik yatıyor. Durağanlığı ve tekdüzeliği engelleyen politikalarla rakiplerimizin her daim önünde olmaya çalışıyoruz.


  • Transparency

We focus on creating a fully transparent organization in order to explain our professional priorities and corporate values to our environment.

our Team

He was born in Istanbul on 13 November 1980. After completing elementary and high school education at Bahçelievler High School, he graduated from Uludağ University, Department of Foreign Trade in 2000 and completed his military service at Bodrum Special Education Center.

Dedeman also found Buray sales and construction in the basement of Cyprus project of the holding structure, then the Cukurova Holding, Turkey's first and largest information company Global Information Inc. He served 2 years as the Agent. In 2003, he was in charge of the sales organizations of the Prestij Club project within Geo Construction and the Ilgaz Montain Resort projects of Kastamonu Holding. In 2005, she coordinated a sales organization of 75 people at Didim Akbük Houses project owned by Ataseven Construction. In 2006, he managed the launch and sales organization of the Spradon Houses, Spradon Towers, Spradon Residence and Spradon Terrace Houses projects located in the Bahcesehir region of Kuzu Group. In 2007, the consortium of the leading group in the construction sector, Gül- Keleşoğlu - Mutlu - AOG and Evren İnşaat, has been established as a subsidiary of Metroport A.Ş. as General Manager.

In 2007, Turkey was chairman of the association, founded and Mortgage Brokerkar 2 years.

In 2009, he established his own real estate project development and marketing consultancy company Buvan Yatırım. In 2012 he undertook with Exclusive deal and architecture Çamoğlu Architecture belonging Symbol Istanbul project with Property Avards one of the best rewards mixed architecture of the year in European space projects in the year attı.2013 Mizan Construction Inc., in 2015, Turkey Real Estate Platform Inc. . has been working in English, construction and technology fields in the United States since 2016. It also makes international trade with Buvan Corp Inc. and develops real estate projects in USA.


Finance Department

We adopt innovative technologies in all financial flow, accounting records and periodical financial reports. We make the most efficient use of the financial technology facilities called Fintech and minimize the errors in the processes.

Human Resources

With our human resources department, we use modern HR methods to create qualified work force and improve our intellectual presence. In addition, we give priority to creating an environment where our employees can continuously improve themselves.


We use innovative communication methods to give our customers the best experience in product, price, space and promotion balance. We evaluate marketing tools in a way that not only sales-oriented but also our brand awareness.

E Commerce Export Department

In our e commerce and export processes; We manage our operations with innovative logistics methods with high efficiency in terms of time and cost. And also; we maximize performance by integrating supply chain, storage, stock management, sales and logistics processes

Technical Services

We focus on increasing our expertise on technical issues such as process management, customer relationship management (CRM) and automation systems that facilitate business processes.

Corporate &
Media Relations

We use media channels in the most efficient way in order to transfer our products, services, corporate identity and social responsibility to our environment.

Customs & Logistics

We manage the customs and logistics processes to maximize the safety of the delivered products.

R & D / Software

We strive to develop methods to increase our efficiency through research and development. In addition, we take advantage of the possibilities of software technologies in all business processes and we purify our business from the clutter of traditional methods.

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