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Buvan Investment, Strategic Project Development and Marketing
continues its investments uninterruptedly.

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Real Estate


BuvanCorp, which hosts different projects in the field of real estate in the world, adopts highly strategic solutions for identifying and evaluating opportunities with its effective investment network. With its global vision and experience around the world, BuvanCorp produces special projects to meet different needs.


With an in-depth industry experience as well as expert workforce in its field, BuvanCorp identifies opportunities earlier and makes high profitable investments by analyzing market dynamics and preparing strategic business plans to transform them into investments.


Optimized Maximum Profit Focused Investment Approach


With its value-oriented investment approach, Buvan Corp. pursues profit-oriented investment advantages. Thanks to the strong network that follows the current economic movements in different countries, it acquires business partners all over the world and makes real estate investments that promise growth.


Strategic Operations Management


Buvan Corp. aims to create value for the future by building every step on strategic foundations. Our company supports the innovative projects it develops with detailed market analyzes and conducts operations in different countries around the world. Developing a simultaneous communication with many business partners and units, BuvanCorp aims to respond to opportunities in different markets in the fastest and most flexible way.

Project Finance

Finds the most appropriate finance models for projects.
Sets up potential investment firms and global entrepreneurs for the business model.
Creates appropriate finance models for the project.


Determination of Sales Strategy and Channels
Market, Region, Competitor and Customer Analysis
Project Planning
Project Feasibility Study
Project Pricing Activities
Pre-Sales Process Management
Sales Process Management
After sales services
Reporting Studies

Project Development

Market Analysis
Project planning
Concept development
Project expectations of potential customers, development of residential and commercial projects
Income estimates, budgeting and goodwill
Preparation of financial models
Determination of sales strategies
Preparation of work flow plan
Feasibility Services
Preparation of architectural concept

Marketing and Advertising Agency Services

Determination of Marketing Strategies and Channels
Creating Corporate Identity
Creating a Media Plan
Website Design / Social Media Account Management
Indoor and Outdoor Works
E Commerce Software
E-Mailing Works
Launch Works
Visual Advertising Material Studies

Legal Services

Preparation of Contract for Floor
Preparation of Sales Promise Contract
Establishing Management Plan
Establishment of Floor Alignment


Marketing and Sales Training
Housing Finance Training
Technical Training
Customer Satisfaction Training
CRM Training
Performance Improvement Activities

Press and Public Relations

Managing Media Relations
Launch Planning, Preparation and Management
Launch Media Channel Management
Press Releases
Media Monitoring Plan Study / Press Reflections Tracking

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