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We're connecting continents.

International Trade


Buvan Corp. continues its activities within the scope of international trade with the principle of efficiency with our transportation network reaching 40 countries and our global company vision. With its network of agents, innovative logistics methods and modern organizational structure, Buvan Corp; The company is engaged in sales and marketing activities in the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and South America markets. Buvan Corp. focusing on strategic processes throughout the process; provides comprehensive service infrastructure from logistics management to purchasing consultancy, procurement to delivery operations.

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Sector Accumulation and Expert Staff


Buvan Corp. uses proven methods with proven expertise and qualified workforce in the international trade industry. Our company brings together foreign trade applications and technological infrastructure; focuses on quality and professionalism in all business processes.


Agency Network and Innovative Logistics Methods


Buvan Corp., which focuses on different logistic approaches tailored to the needs, maximizes the quality of service in international trade thanks to its agency network reaching 28 countries. Due to the business ethics that respects customs and foreign trade procedures, the negativities in logistics processes are completely eliminated. In the same way, thanks to the partner network that spans 15 countries, it takes the fastest action in different geographical markets.


Performance Oriented Foreign Trade Solutions


With its global corporate structure, Buvan Corp focuses on performance across all of its foreign trade operations; from the manufacturer to the supplier, from the logistic process to the sale, communicates synchronously with all participants. In this direction, the control of each process during the foreign trade is provided in real time, thus aiming to prevent and prevent the problems that may occur during the process.

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